Top 10 SEO Tips

Please enjoy these top 10 SEO search engine optimization tips, they are directed to all webmasters, but also to normal website owners. Many people make the mistake of spending too much money on Sponsored Ads campaigns. But most Internet users do not click on such ads, and if so, just wait a few seconds on the page and go back to where they came from. Fortunately, there are hundreds of search engine optimization techniques to improve the search results. But these top 10 SEO search engine optimization tips are in my opinion the most valuable and besides, they are still timeless.

The top 10 SEO search engine optimization tips in this tutorial, were created after years of experimenting and a hands-on application with hundreds of client sites. Mainly with the final results of reaching higher ranks on the first page of search engine results. We hope you find these SEO search engine optimization tips valuable.
SEO Search Engine Optimization Tip # 1: Find the best keywords first

It’s a waste of time when you optimize your site for keywords that are not even searched. Even if you’ve already got a top placement for their wide used keywords. Nevertheless, the keywords are not what most users are looking for. Google calculates the number of users who have not selected your list, and the number of retries that they returned to the search results. An attempt to crack this calculation is futile and often, but a huge waste of time and energy.
Therefore, you should use your time to search for the best keywords from your text, which is also the users‘ most searching. There are several SEO tools and SEO software on the internet to help you find the best keywords. Most of them are offered by the search engines and are even completely free.

Here is a core principle of the Top 10 SEO Search Engine Optimization Tips: If you use any SEO tool to search the keywords, this will always spit out new suggestions, results and ideas, sometimes you will even be surprised by the result and not have thought which Important keywords in your text. In the Sponsored Ads, these previous search clusters become your ad groups.

Behavioral targeting and the use of long tail keywords are an excellent way to get a higher ranking quickly for keywords and to generate sales, this has the most success to push them into the search results. Poor keyword examples would be: Kindle, Nike shoes, roommates Berlin. Here are some examples of keywords that are great for SEO:
1 Buy Amazon Kindle Online
2 Nike shoes Kobe men size 45
3 roommates found in Berlin
SEO Search Engine Optimization Tip # 2: Find out what your competitors are doing.
It’s a fact and one of my top 10 search engine optimization

SEO tips that analyze search engines, inbound links to your site are part of their rankings. It is also important to know how many incoming links your competitors have. Of course you still have to find your competitors before you can analyze them.

When analyzing their competitors, these extremely important criteria should be taken into account, such as:
1 The competitor rank in the search engines
2 Quantity and quality of the incoming links (priority)
3 What keywords are in the title of the page link?
4 The percentage of links that contain certain keywords in link text
5 The Google PageRank or the MozRank of the linked pages
6 The popularity of linked domains and linked pages.
Apart from using no matter what SEO software, you still need to consider some important things for researching a competitor:
1 Click the link to the Site Map page to see what keywords you’ll find in the links
2 To analyze the competitors, you need to read the Sitemap to find the keywords in the pages
3 Review the HTML titles and meta tags of your top competitors to create a list of required content
SEO Search Engine Optimization Tip # 3: Write very linkable content

An online article is not a sexy thing that you are trying to market online. Therefore, content can not be thrown together and thrown online. With a hope that it will be the highest ranking which this site will receive. The content should have the following attributes if there is a hope to get a higher ranking in the search engines. Many of these tips of attributes came directly from Google):